Monday, December 10, 2012

All in the Family - trivia 28

1) In the episode "Gloria Poses in the Nude", what nationality is Mike's artist friend?

a) Hungarian
b) Jewish
c) Italian

2) Even with Archie's objections, does Gloria pose in the nude?

a) yes
b) no

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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Endless rainy days

If it rains in your area 50 days a year, after 50 years you had 2,500 days of rain.

A mile high amount of rain

To get to a one mile high amount of rain in a year in a city, you would need over 174 inches of rain a day to fall.

Miles driven

If you drive on average of 30 miles a week, after 60 years you drove 93,600 miles. You would still need to drive over 146,000 more miles to reach the Moon, at a distance of approximately 240,000 miles from us.

Time spent at gas stations

If you spend on average five minutes filling your car up once a week, after 50 years you spent almost 217 hours at gas stations.

Starting your car

If you start your car twice a day and live until 80 years old, you started your car 58,400 times.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

All in the Family - trivia 27

1) In the episode "Mike's Hippie Friends Come to Visit", what does Archie object to about Mike's friends?

a) they are too young
b) they are not married
c) they smoke

2) What is odd about the girl Robyn?

a) she smokes
b) she does not talk
c) she was married once

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All in the Family - trivia 26

1) In the episode "Gloria Has a Belly Full", what does Archie buy Gloria after she finds out that she is pregnant?

a) stuffed panda
b) stuffed dog
c) stuffed cat

2) What happens to Gloria?

a) she has the baby
b) she has a miscarriage
c) she puts the baby up for adoption

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